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Platební metoda 88%
Mobilní sázení 86%
Rychlost vyplacení 93%
Zákaznický servis 95%
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We are dedicated to providing reliable reviews of the top betting sites which contain all the important features about various betting services available on the market. The most up- to- date information about the best online bookies allows you to choose the bookmaker that matches up with your individualbetting criteria and meets your personal needs.Use our sports betting site to check all the latest offers, choose the best deal for you and make your betting successful!

When watching football matches do you success fully predict game outcomes? Would you like to earn some money at the same time? Online betting can give you this chance! Not only can you have great fun with your family and friends placing online bets, but it can also become your additional source of income (with a bit of luck and knowledge).
To start betting and winning you must be 18 or older, you need a valid bank account and of course some cash. No matter if you are a very experienced player or if your adventure with online betting is just about to begin, you are in the right place! Our website offers detailed descriptions of bookmakers including specific fields of their interest. We analyse the best online bookmakers taking into consideration the following: live betting, methods of payment, mobile betting, payout speed and customer service. We are guided by our personal, subjective feelings and other players’ opinions. Our team carefully reviews various betting offers, as well as the associated betting rules, which enables us to point out the strong and weak sides of different online betting sites. The clear ranking of bookmakers, who in our opinion offer the best betting rates, is available for the players to simplify the choice of the betting site where you will feel happy to place your bet sand invest your money. Why do we spend so much time writing about the selection of the online betting site? The choice of bookmaker should be well thought out to ensure that they are trustworthy and meet your needs. When you decide to register and pay money in, you make an investment and we would like to ensure that you have good fun and also gain financial benefits and satisfaction. The use of our website will help you avoid mistakes and will allow you to feel safe and comfortable in the betting world. Our site is a great source of information that can help you bet and win! It is also very important to remember that good typing skills are crucial in successful betting!

How do we Choose the best Online  Bookmakers

Live betting

Among the important factors that you need to consider when choosing the right online bookmaker is the live betting option. Live bets are made during progression of the game and they are a unique experience as they allow you to bet right until the final whistle blows. Hundreds of players/ fans placing their bets at the same time means incredible emotions and motivating competition! Betting odds are dynamic and they tend to change as the game progresses. At the same time the bookies websites present all important information: scores, yellow and red cards, penalty kicks etc. What you can sometimes experience in live betting is mistakes in the odds or, contrarily, very favourable odds. Live betting is not only available for football but also for: tennis, Formula1, American football, hockey, rugby or even skiing. Depending on the bookmaker and type of the game you can make single, combination or system bets, which allows you to maximize the satisfaction, emotions and gained profit. Live betting provides amazing opportunities to the players as it enables them to respond to the changing situation. Some experienced players are able to predict the scores and place successful bets in the first stage of the game. However, in case of inexperienced players more careful betting is recommended which is not dictated by emotions or time restraints.


In order to choose the best bookmaker pay attention to all criteria mentioned above but also consider their methods of payment. You can add funds to your account any time  thanks to immediate payment methods used by the betting operators. Skrill and Neleller  belong to the most popular web wallets and they are the most commonly used methods of payment. This payment option is especially suitable for players protecting their online privacy as information concerning their transactions is not disclosed. The web wallets charge low commission fees and they usually do not concern the bookmaker transactions. Web wallets are very easy to use! You need to create and verify an account, pay money in by bank transfer, credit or debit card, and then transfer money to the chosen bookmaker. You can also pay money directly into the bookmakers account with the credit or debit card by providing the CVC code, type, number of your card and your details. Card payments are one of the quickest and safest methods of transfer, however they may be charged by the bookmakers. Instant bank transfers are an alternative method of payment and they are facilitated by instant online banking.  Other options include the popular PayU and Paypal.

Mobile betting

Mobile Betting is another factor that influences the comfort of use of the bookmakers service. A lot of bookmakers use a mobile application greatly simplifies and speeds up betting. The appropriate apps can be downloaded from the AppStore for mobiles with iOS or from GooglePlay if the system used is Android. The apps are available to all users, they are usually free and look like mobile versions of the websites. Thanks to the apps you can have all information stored in your mobile:  betting categories, access to the live sporting events etc Online betting promo codes are generated automatically – the player chooses an event and then selects the bet amount. Some players may find the Cumulative odds model more preferable. Efficient registration, management of the account an funds are all facilitated by the use of the apps. If you have an iPhone you can also log in via touchID. The useful facilities available in mobile betting allow you to place your bet anywhere, at any time, which is especially important in live betting where every second counts.

Mobile versions of the websites often provide customer support service which offers technical help to the players. The apps usually contain info about available bonuses and promotions, they are used friendly and it is definitely worth remembering about them when choosing the bookmaker.

Payout speed

Payout Speed is one of the most important criteria that need to be considered when choosing a bookmaker. No matter if you are a regular or just an occasional player, payout speed is equally important in both cases as you need to be able to access the money you win easily. Unfortunately, dishonest bookmakers do exist and they are even capable of freezing the player’s money or delaying the payout considerably. Therefore, always stay alert and carefully check all details before deciding to invest your money. The bookmakers presented on our website are reliable so you can be sure that you will receive your money without any surprises.  We had verified the payout times before deciding to include the bookmakers to our list. The payout time varies and depends on the bookmaker, however money transfer to the account is normally carried out on the same day.  The most transparent method of money transfer recommended by the bookmakers is the method that was initially used to add funds to your account, however you will get your money sooner if it is transferred to your account. To avoid unpleasant surprises you always need to read through the rules carefully and get familiar with other players’ opinions on a given bookmaker.

Bonus & Promos

Apart from assessing the criteria mentioned before: methods of payment, payout speed, mobile betting, live betting, we also consider available bonuses and promotions in the bookmakers reviews. Online betting offers various promotions such as cash bonuses for no deposit registration eg 20 GBP bonus after registration and account verification. Other promotions offer cashback bonuses which enable the player to pay money into their bank account right after the first bet, no matter if they won or lost. Cashback, also called freebet or risk-free bet, is available in several forms which all function in a similar way. Classic freebet enables the player to pay in certain amount of money, then bet and, irrespective of the results, receive one free bet. Risk- free bets require you to invest some money first, then bet and if you lose you get one free bet. Finally, cashback promotions allow you to get some percentage of your money back if you lose your bet.Some online betting sites offer cash bonuses when you pay a deposit and enter a valid promo code. You may find that, before you pay money out, you will need to achieve the required turnover associated with the minimal rate, as any bet below this rate may not be considered. Before choosing any promotion you should carefully check all details to ensure you qualify for the bonus. Before registering with a given bookmaker and paying a deposit, always get familiar with the rules and analyse information available on our website.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service can vary among different bookmakers. In order to get an idea about the standard of customer service you need to check whether:

  • The bookmaker’s website includes FAQs that explain common questions regarding the use of their service
  • You are able to contact the Customer service team using a contact form available on the website
  • Customer service center deal with your queries efficiently? Are they able to provide technical support when necessary?
  • The bookie’s website provides an address that you can use to send any future correspondence to

Answers to the above questions will provide some clues as to what you can expect from a given bookmaker’s customer service. High quality of customer service is very important especially if you experience technical problems. We have reviewed numerous websites paying special attention to the customer service and analysing all aspects that may influence the use of online betting service.